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Man, I love this movie and these scene. It has such style and sticks in your mind for life. That's what good style and good branding can do. It can stick in your mind for years.

I've talked a lot about branding on this blog. It has been on my mind and something I've been working on retooling for several months now. I never wanted a huge overhaul or big shift from what I was doing. At its core I wanted to keep the message the same. You've got a project that you've poured hundreds of hours into and you need a voice to bring it all home. It's then my job to help take it to the Next Level.

We're going to take it to the Nth Degree.

So while the message is the same, it's the presentation that needed work. I can't Catherine Campion enough here. Over the past year as we've talked I've come to think of her not only as a voice acting colleague, but also as a mentor and friend. It was her initial insight into my marketing presentation that sent me down this journey. Her observation was simple and hit me hard. "The look of your website doesn't match the voice I'm hearing in your demo."

And she was right.

My original presentation had a lot of energy, sure, but it also had a lot of edge and "toughness" to it. Two things that aren't really me. You were greeted with a picture of me looking stern. Definitely not me. The colors were blacks and greys with a splash of yellow like I've been a Stryper fan my entire life (now there's an old reference for you). While I think it looked good for as a style, it wasn't good for ME.

You see, I'm a nerd. I'm an animator. I love to laugh and tells stories. I've always got a joke (mostly dad jokes these days) ready for any situation and I don't take myself seriously at all. Yeah, I've got energy to spare and that was coming through, but none of that other stuff was. I knew I needed a change.

So for the past several months I went on my brand journey using Celia Siegel's book as my starting point. I went through the chapters and discovered who I was and how I wanted to present that look to the world.

Once I was confident I had that locked in, I took the next step. Hiring a branding design team. It was a wild thing for me to do because normally it's something I'd just do myself. With my animation degree comes a certain level of design chops. I'm comfortable with the Adobe Suite and know how to build websites (I've been doing that since I was about 15). But this time I wanted an outside perspective, a new set of eyes and minds on it to take my ideas and run with it.

That's when I reached out to my good buddy Corey Dissin to hire him and his team. I'll admit, I'm lucky in that I didn't need a huge overhaul. I have my slogon locked in and all that. I just needed a different take on the logo and colors.

Dude, they knocked it out of the park. They brought everything I wanted to show into my logo and logo mark. Bright colors, fun, but still looks professional. My only no-no was that I didn't want a microphone in the logo. It's overplayed. In one round of the design I saw the two lines making the N and I saw it. Yes, those two lines are XLR cables! Perfect!

It all came together easily and I couldn't be happier. I'm always happy to plug Corey for both design and marketing coaching. If you're looking for it, he's the one to go too! Just tell him I sent ya XD

So now the branding journey is over. It took me a minute to get the announcement going and website up (lots of freelance work started pouring in for my animation side job) but here it is.

Now it's time to rock it and show everyone just who I am.

A voice actor who's going to take your project to the Nth Degree!

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