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I want to start a little series that I'm gonna call confessions. Maybe I'll pop these out every once in a while as a chance to be a little bit more vulnerable. To kind of put things out there that I've been thinking about. This particular confession is one I've always found difficult. I'm a theater actor (no that's not the confession part). I've participated in LARPing and DND (still not the confession, I promise it's coming) and all these activities where you embody a character. Where you take on their personality, their quirks, and you act them out. This has been great for voice acting, especially animation stuff. You know, you embody that character and take it on for hours at a time.

But one of the biggest things I've found to be the most difficult, and here is the confession, is acting like myself. You know, I feel like I've gotta put on some kind of performance and take on somebody else. I just have a hard time being me. It's a weird place to be, right? Because a lot of times in commercial work it's not so much that I'm playing a dad, and what's that Dad character like. It's that I'm the dad in this and how would I react? What are the different flavors of Jeff in this commercial?

And I think that's something I've been struggling with even in my promo reads. It's very similar. It's not so much, "what character is this?" But more about how am I interpreting the story and what is the story saying? That's something I wanna work on in my performances and videos. When I look back at my videos on starting Live Action Leatherworks, I can see how stiff I am. I feel like I need to be more controlled. Instead of just being me, just opening up and saying, "Look, man, this is who I am. I'm kind of weird. I mean, I'm a LARPer for goodness sakes. And if you don't know what LARPing is, just look it up and you'll see just how weird it can be.

All right, thanks for reading this little confession of mine. I hope it spoke to you and gave you something to think about.

Like always, take everything to the Nth Degree.

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