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My son was born weighing 10 lbs. 4 oz. Basically a toddler right out the gate! So you can imagine why the nickname Moose stuck to him by day two. He’s four now (nearly five, where does the time go?) and definitely thinning out but also shooting up like a bamboo stalk — he won’t slow down! He’s definitely trying to keep up with this nickname for sure.

Unfortunately, with that kind of quick growth has come the growing pains. At night he’ll wake up crying and in pain because his feet and legs hurt (I mean, no wonder with how fast that bones must be growing). I soothe him and do the best I can to help ease his discomfort. Not too much I can do, though. These are the growing pains of life. We suffer a bit now so that we can utilize that growth to go on to even bigger (and oftentimes better!) things.

Just like my little boy, I too am suffering from growing pains. Not physical, I’m very well past that these days (oh to be young again), but instead I’m feeling those growing pains in my entrepreneurial pursuits. Over the past year, I’ve really made some big strides and have achieved some amazing goals. I started working with a great vocal coach — seriously, everyone should work with Marc Cashman if they can — got my commercial demo, then my animation demo, and finally hired Corey Dissin to help put it all into action.

Things were growing. It was great.

Now the pain has started and that pain’s name is Knowledge.

Knowledge brings understanding which starts re-evaluation. Now that I know more, understand more, I have a better picture of where I am at in my skill level, business level, and marketing level. What I see are areas that need to be bolstered, areas that require more training, and areas that just aren’t working after all.

Utilizing my newfound knowledge I’ve started to have some frank conversations with fellow colleagues about my career. They’ve been tough conversations, and all my contacts have been amazing to listen to my self-evaluation and to pinpoint the areas where I next need to grow. I say they’re tough because during those conversations I’ve had to admit that I’ll need to return to areas I thought were settled. Areas where I had felt confident but in fact weren’t fully formed.

It’s time to keep training and utilize my past growth.

And admitting all that can be painful, especially when you felt like you’d had it all together. That’s just how growth works though and that’s OK. If we can’t take that time to re-evaluate or are unwilling to admit when we need more work then we will stagnate and wither. I’m not ready to do either.

Have you felt stagnated recently? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your position. Which if you do, be 100% brutally honest with yourself. You can’t hide here or else you won’t be able to grow, as painful as that may be.

Thanks for taking the time to read! I know my posts aren’t always reflective of someone who has it all together. My goal is always to be open, honest, and willing to show the dirt. Hopefully, you’ll find something in this that resonates with you. We’re all growing still, in one way or another, and if anyone ever tells you that have it all together, that they’ve reached the pinnacle then, well, they’re trying to sell you something ;)

Until next time, take it to the Nth Degree, my friends!

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