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For the majority of my life, I’ve been on the internet in some form or another. I was thirteen when my family got our first computer and from then I’ve been hooked. I can still hear the AOL screeching tones as I would log on. I’d jump into chat rooms and have a blast talking about Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, and whatever SNES RPG I was playing at that time. It was a wonderful time for sure.

Now, however, as the years have gone on I’ve turned into a Lurker(TM). I find it much more enjoyable to sit back and read other posts on social media and learn what others are up to. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have accounts on just about everything that has come out. For goodness sake, my Reddit account is 11 years old! My Twitter is even 10 years old.

Unfortunately, as I have started my entrepreneurship and working to grow my voice-over business I’ve learned a hard truth, I can’t be a lurker anymore. Let me tell you, it’s been tough to do. Coming up with something new to say on three to four social media platforms once, twice, three times a week can be exhausting. My M.O. has always been that I’ll only post something if I feel like it really needs to be said. Trying to come up with quality content that meets my criteria of necessity can be a chore. More than once I’ve started a post, read it over, and deleted it because I wasn’t invested or thought it really enhanced the conversation.

To be honest, I wish more people would do that instead of posting every little thought that flies through their heads. Learn some constraint :P

This leads to a lot of thumbs-ups, likes, hearts, upvotes and upboats. Which is the real-life equivalent of a nod from across the street. Makes the person feel good for a moment but they’ll forget you once they’ve walked past you.

I want to make sure that what I put out there is quality. That it will drive a productive conversation or put to words a feeling that others may be experiencing but haven’t been able to articulate themselves. That’s why you’ll often see me write or talk about the uglier and messy side of entrepreneurship. To me, that’s where the quality is. That’s where the real connection will be and the only way I’ve found that I come out from my lurking.

Will I come off as someone who is unsure, unpolished, and how doesn’t have it all together? Absolutely. Will I demonstrate that I’m not an authority on a subject? You betcha and I’m fine with that. I want you to know who I really am.

I’m a Lurker.

I’m trying not to be. I’m trying to engage as much as possible and be as authentically me as possible. Hopefully, you’ll join me in that pursuit. Let’s all reach out and have great, productive conversations, and just be ourselves.

Our Non-lurkery selves.

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