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I’ve been trying to get back into the Swing of things — see what I did there?

I’d gone a bit quiet on the social media front while I stepped back to reevaluate my branding and how I am presenting myself. Let me tell you, my numbers started to show it. My LinkedIn page views were cut in half (ouch). My website numbers about hit the floor. It's not good.

Getting back into the swing of things is a must. However, one thing I'm realizing it just how much I need a to-do list. Something that can remind me daily just what I need to check off and focus on. Even though this year has practically been another year of pandemic isolation for me, the amount of things I have going on has continued to increase!

Which means a lot of stuff has been getting lost and forgotten for weeks until I'm like, "Oh yeah. That birthday is coming up. I need to get on that." Then I turn around and, "OH NO THAT BIRTHDAY IS HERE!" That's never a good thing.

Keeping up with daily tasks and having a set goal per day is, honestly, the only way to make sure you're staying on top of things and how you'll easily get back into the groove of working. It's something I've seen my fellow voice actors struggle with often and obviously something I'm struggling with right now!

The next question is, how's the best way to handle your To-Do list? I'm an app person. I love apps and gadgets and all the things that go whiz-bleep-bloop. I know some people cough cough Joshua Alexander cough cough that use an excel spreadsheet. That seems all well and good, but generally I like something that's keyed in to do that one thing and do it well.

For instance I have an app for time tracking all my tasks called Boosted. It's simple, let's me see a weekly breakdown of what all I've spent my time on for the week, and does it well. If I can find something like that then I bet I'd be golden!

My friend and colleague Billie Jo Konze told me about Habitica. It's a little habit and productivity game that gives you achievements for hitting your goals and essentially gamifies the process. I checked it out and looks cute. You can even team up with friends (which is why she sent it to me and coincidentally I lost track of it all because well waves hands at blog post).

How do you keep track of your daily/weekly/monthly tasks? Do you use something simple? Or do you go for the full bells and whistles? I'd love to hear how everyone is handling their tasks and keeping in the Swing of things.

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