• Jeffrey N Baker - Voice Actor


I want to look back at one particular incident when I was working on a gun belt. It was gonna be a premiere piece. So I used my most expensive piece of leather that I'd been saving. But I wanted this gun belt to be amazing. 42 inches long, Sheridan style tooling, cross color stitching, a lot of cool stuff like that. While filming I'd laid out my leather to draw the pattern on the back but forgot to also flip my PATTERN as well!

So what does that mean?

I took my right-handed gun belt and turned it into a left-handed gun belt. And unfortunately, there wasn't enough leather to be able to cut out a second belt.

It was a mistake.

A very expensive mistake.

What did I do? Unfortunately, at that time I had an event coming up. So I sucked it up and got another piece of leather. Now I have this extra piece, what do I do with it? Hey! Let's just make a left-handed gun belt and sell it.

And the big lesson learned was to always double, triple check everything and make sure you're doing what you need to be doing, and keep your mind present. That's what I do with voice acting. I make sure that, hey, if I'm about to put something out there, if I'm about to send an audition or file to a client I double, triple check everything.

What do they want? How they want their file names set up? What file type do they want it in? And I just keep checking. It's kind of become a bit of paranoia, but I think it's something we all need to keep in mind.

If you want to go watch that YouTube video then go on over and watch me screw up!

As always, take it to the Nth Degree! We'll check ya later.

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