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Confession: I’m bad at reading.

Not like I have trouble reading. I’m actually a huge fan of big Fat FANTASY novels. But the act of reading, making time to read, has always been a struggle. There always seems to be something more pressing I need to take care of. Chores and other projects pile up and take my attention away until it’s time to zonk out.

Truth is I mindless scroll through Reddit/Facebook/Instagram/Imgur/LinkedIn when I could be reading.

So I need help. I need a Self-Help Book to help me with reading Self-Help Books. They make those right?

Sad part is, I know the solution. I know it’s about discipline. It’s about making conscious choices to put down the phone and pick up the book (or in my case close the offending app and open my Kindle app). Now I can hear you say (because I’m a psychic like that and you should check your toast, it’s burning), you’re saying, “That’s your problem. Get a physical book and that’ll fix the issue!”

Unfortunately no. That just adds another layer of distance and I can easily forget about it. You know. Out of sight, out of mind.

I wish I had some cool realization here. Some grand epiphany to end on that we can all leave this blog post thinking, “Wow. What great insight. That’s exactly what I needed to hear today!” But unfortunately all I got is this: The only way I can get help with reading self-help books is if I help my self first.

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