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We all have little time-wasters in our life. For some of us, it's Facebook or TikTok or Candy Crush (wait, is that game still relevant?) or the latest Marvel TV show on Disney+. These are all things that take us away from what we should be doing to help further our careers.

But today I don't want to talk about those little things. Those are the easy things to spot and cut out (though I could argue that a little bit of those things can be good mental breaks). No, today I want to talk about the invisible time wasters. Those daily or weekly tasks you've got on your calendar that look good, make you feel good for checking them off, but are just a waste of time because they aren't really taking you where you want to be.

Yesterday I had a great conversation with DC Newman, a fellow voice actor, and a great guy all around. We were catching up on how everything was going and in the middle of the conversation he asked me a very important question --

What is your dream VO job? What genre do you hope to end up working in?

I knew without hesitation and answered, "Kid/Family Promo." Which I know is one of the hardest genres to break into (seriously, ask five voice actors and four will tell you they want to do promo and the fifth doesn't want to admit it out loud). Then add on the fact that I've narrowed it down even further and I definitely have my work cut out for me. All that said, I know what I want. Now, what am I doing to go get it?

When I take a step back and look at my daily tasks I realize something hard to swallow. Nearly every one of those steps was a waste of time. They weren't driving me toward my goal. Yes, they were voice-acting related. They would be great for achieving success in certain markets. Unfortunately, when you get down to it, they were time-wasters.

For a few reasons. First, and most importantly, my heart isn't in it for those others genres. Which translates directly into my reads and daily actions. It starts to become very easy to skip a day of sending out emails or finding leads. Auditions come in and it's easier to find excuses to let a few of them pass by and eventually you're off your game entirely.

So once again I'm reevaluating my goals and most importantly the STEPS I need to take to achieve those goals. What workshops should I be taking? Who should I be talking to? What connections do I need to be making? What daily tasks do I need to cut out that are actually little invisible time wasters? I have to tell you, working through that has opened up my mind, my passion, and renewed my mission.

First goal? Get back to making my own promos again as a form of practice. Oh? You haven't seen one of my fake promo videos? Well, check out this "The Amazing World of Gumball" spot I made:

While a lot of work, they are a ton of fun and incredible exercise. I work on my writing, video editing, sound design, and most importantly my voice acting. It also gives me a chance to showcase what I can do. Why I haven't been churning these out is now baffling to me.

I have the tools, I have the ability, let's stop wasting time.

Can you look at your goals, to-do lists, and task lists and say that each bullet point is carrying you to your end goal? Perhaps there are areas that you can trim or alter that won't have you spinning your wheels.

Let's all get out there, stop wasting our time, and go after exactly what we want. See you there.

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