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No, I don't mean at the shoe store. But rather right when it's time to close a deal you stumble. Has anyone else been dealing with this? It's a thing that I've been running up against a lot lately. At least it feels like it. Essentially, I feel like I've been tripping at the finish line every time. I've had these great interactions with potential clients, the chemistry's great; then we get into the final negotiation process and everything falls apart.

Of course, I'm not upset with them. Obviously, you know, they've got their budgets and what they're willing to do. I've got my prices and a wiggle room where I'm willing to go. But things just don't work out. And hey, that's fine. That's business. But it's happened so often that I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

Is there something that I'm too stringent on? I don't know. It's a tough situation. I don't know if anybody else has dealt with that a lot or not. How do you determine what you need to change or how you need to help lubricate the negotiations and close those deals?

Maybe it's not a good thing for me to be talking about this out in the open. I don't know, but it's been on my mind and I thought I'd reach out.

So do you often trip at the finish line? Or do you have a way of feeling out the situation and have found a way to pivot and turn things back around before they close out? It would be interesting to know.

Thanks for showing up and reading my ramble. Alright, take it easy. And as always take it to the Nth Degree. We'll talk later. Have a great one.

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