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“Who’s your agent?”

“Who are you represented by?”

I’m asked this question or a form of it fairly often when talking with other voice actors. At first it felt great because the phrasing comes with an assumption tied to it — I’m good enough to be represented. What they hear from my demos sounds like someone that agents would want to represent.

After a while though, when you haven’t been able to secure that agent representation, it starts to sting a little. Hearing that question makes me wonder, “why haven’t I been able to find representation?” If my skill is there, then what else must be stopping me?

I’ve definitely been putting myself out there. Filling out forms, connecting with agents, emailing and everything. After a while you have to admit that it can get a bit disheartening.

Yes, of course having an agent isn’t the end-all-be-all of a career. Even some agents will tell you that! However, I think we all know that having one creates a certain benchmark in a career. It’s the badge, if you will, of showing that you’re working at a certain level. So while you may not need an agent to secure work, you do need an agent to get invited to a certain LEVEL of work.

I’m certainly not trying to complain. I know that that’s how a blog post like this can come across. Instead I’d like to use this time to “think out loud” as it were. Trust me, I’ve stopped a few times already and considered if this kind of blog was something I wanted to post, but I’ve always wanted this space to be a place where I’m open and honest. Where it’s OK to talk about the harder parts of being a voice actor. Where it’s OK to voice the struggles. I’ll be honest, any blog or personality I see that comes across as having it all together makes me suspicious.

And I know that I’m not the only one out there dealing with this, I’m sure. If you’re reading this and also in this same boat, know that you’re not alone.

I hope this pondering is helpful to someone else. For me it’s just helpful to put it out there, ya know. It’s a chance to get some thoughts out and see where they lead. Sometimes they produce interesting revelations!

Not this time though, heh.

Thanks for reading and please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I love chatting with everyone about this side of the business.

OK, back to the grind and as always “take it to the Nth Degree!”

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